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SpirFit Program Day 6: SMP Walk to Fitness

Your action today is to begin a daily practice of SMP walking which will only take 15 minutes each day.

Now that you have some understanding of the power of your mind from my previous lesson, I am going to teach you one simple daily practice to harness that power. I call it SMP-walking, or SpirFit walking. Some people neglect simple strategies that work only because the strategies are simple. Sometimes, the most simple is the most effective.

SMP-walking should be a daily practice (or almost daily) to get your mind and spirit to lead your body to where you want it to be, in terms of fitness level and appearance. It's not all that you need, but it's an important part in achieving your fitness goals.

The practice of SMP-walking is simple. SMP stands for Spiritual-Mental-Physical. You are not only walking physically, but you are walking your mind and your spirit. This practice did not really originate with me. I merely took the practices from people who are successful at harnessing the power of their minds, and altered them to what works for me, and combined it with my spiritual knowledge (as God has been teaching me.)

SMP-Walking Procedures
Find a safe place to walk (whether it is around the block or the park) at a safe time of the day. You could also be doing this with a partner or in a small group, but you shouldn’t be talking to each other during the walk. You should be in your own mental state. However, after the walk is over, you could share what went on in your mind with your partner or your group. (Also, if it is safe to do so, you could use your iPod and play some serene music while you walk.)

SMP-walk could last 15 minutes or it could last an hour, whatever you have time for. You should try to do it daily. It only works when it is practiced consistently. (It’s like exercising. You don’t just work out once and you become fit for life. You won’t reap any benefits if you only do it once or twice. You have to do it consistently for continuous health benefits. The same is true with this exercise of the mind and spirit.)

If you can’t yet find a safe place to walk, you can do this indoors alone in a room while on a stationary bike or jogging lightly in place.

(1) Walk and breathe. Start with relaxation breathing while you walk. (Again, you could be on the stationary bike or the elliptical trainer instead of walking.) I like to count from 1 -10 repeatedly when I do this. I also add a prayer here.

(2) Affirmations. While continuing the same breathing pattern and walking, start saying, or affirming, to yourself the outcome that you want. For example, if you are going through a health crisis, say to yourself, “Everyday and every way, I am getting better and better” and “Every day and every way I am feeling better and better.” While you say this repeatedly to yourself, you should visualize how you will look like when you get better. Feel how you will feel when you get better. You could also remember how you felt when your physical health was at the best condition and feeling well. (This is especially effective for conditions involving pain.) If you have a situation with work, finance, or relationships, you could also come up with an affirmation to say to yourself and visualize/feel the desired outcome and state.

(3) Thank God in Prayer. Thank God in your mind for the things you have in your life. (Shift your mind on the part of your life that is going wrong to the parts that are going right.) Thank God for these parts of your life that you may have taken for granted. You could be thankful that you are not starving as more than half the world is. You could be thankful that you have a secure roof over your head. There are a lot of things that we take for granted that we should be thankful for. (Think of each of these things and visualize them in your mind while you thank God for them.) The second part of this is to thank God for the things that He is about to grant you. Thank God for your desired outcome even though you have not yet reached the outcome at this point (whatever your situation is.) For example, if you are facing cancer right now, thank God for the healthy cancer-free body you will achieve. (Visualize yourself in the cancer-free state and feel it, even if it has not yet manifested.)

(4) Forgive and Love. Whoever you are mad at, whoever has done you wrong no matter how great or small, forgive them right now in your mind and in your heart. Say to yourself here, “Just as God has forgiven me for my trespasses great and small, I forgive _______ .” Say this for each person who’s done you wrong. You must mean it in your heart as you say this to yourself. (This is especially important in physical healing but also important in altering other situations. I will explain this in another blog.) Now, pray for yourself and pray for these people you are forgiving. I know forgiving is sometimes hard to do. For help with this, go to –

Put SMP Walking in your schedule eveeryday and start SMP Walking today!

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Stephanie Faris said...

Great idea. I'm going to try this. I get up early every morning to walk anyway.

Amadeo said...

Good for you, Stephanie! Feel free to let me know how it goes.