Monday, November 17, 2008

Health Science Information Search Engine

When you search for medical or health information with the general Google search (or other search engines), the results will likely include a lot of listings from unreliable sources, pseudoscience sources, and sources with financial interest to provide you with biased information. So, how do you look up health information on the web without unknowingly getting inaccurate (and often dangerous) information from unreliable sources? Simply use the search engine I've provided below.

Because of my years of experience doing research in the health sciences for prominent professors at UC Berkeley, UCSF, and UC Davis, I know the reliable health science resources. Therefore, I customized a search engine (powered by Google) to search only the web databases that I know to have reliable health science information. This is a more reliable health science search than the general Google search.

I excluded some medical sources like PubMed because they will list medical and scientific journal articles too difficult for the lay reader to read. Note also that I used Google app to create this customized search and therefore, ads are listed along with the search results. Do not confuse the ad links with the search results. The sources listed in the ads are not necessarily reliable sources of information.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Medical Second Opinion Online

Have you ever had a condition and your doctor recommended a very drastic or risky treatment, such as a risky surgery? I have. At that point, you may want a second opinion. There is now an option to have a second opinion online from prestigious clinics such as the Cleveland Clinic and involves sending all your information (X-rays, scans, and records). The following is a report from CNN about this option. Click here for full article