Thursday, December 25, 2008

Holiday Break From Healthy Eating, Guilt-Free

Happy Holidays! Although I am a “health nut” (or at least that’s what some call me), I want to say that there are days that you can take off from healthy eating. For example, today (December 25th) I am going to let go and eat whatever I want. I will probably do the same on January 1st. I am also planning to workout more frequently after Christmas. Don’t feel guilty about taking a holiday “break” from healthy eating. It serves as a reward for eating healthy for most days of the year, and it is absolutely necessary for long-term fitness success. You cannot maintain fit in the long-term if you don’t take breaks from healthy eating for a day here and there (such as during the holidays). So, just enjoy the unhealthy eating for a day and enjoy the company of family and friends.

However, I must warn you that you should not take a break from healthy eating more than two days in a row because bad habits are easy to form. If you indulge for more than two days, it may be hard to bounce back to your good habits. For me, my good eating habits, are like “auto-pilot” for years. Even so, I am careful not to indulge for more than two days in a row because bad habits are quick and easy to form.

For years after I have programmed myself to go into “auto-pilot” of good eating habits, I noticed that my tastes are transformed. The unhealthy foods do not taste as good as they did. From personal experience, the “law of adaptation” also applies to taste. My taste actually adapted throughout the years. In another words, the unhealthy foods used to taste a lot better than the healthier foods. Now, my taste have adapted that many unhealthy foods don’t really taste much better than many of the healthier foods.

In summary, feel free to take a guilt-free break from healthy eating, but for no more than two days in a row. For me, I am doing one day on the 25th and the 1st.

Happy Holidays!