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People with Back Problems and Spinal Problems

This post is for people dealing with back problems and for people dealing with people with back problems.  This post is inspired by Steve Nash, his back problems, and the criticism he has received because he’s still swinging a golf club.  I have to say something about this because it hits home for me (since I have pre-existing back problems too, although my back problems are now under control and I am now back pain free thanks to God and thanks to my SpirFit knowledge, including knowledge of appropriate exercises.)  It baffles me how some people think it’s okay to criticize or even make fun of you in your pain. 

If You Know Someone With Spinal or Back Problems
When it comes to spinal conditions, or back problems, different cases are individualistically different.  Some may have trouble swinging a golf club while others do not (but any one of them will probably still have a lot of pain if they have to play high level NBA basketball games.) 

Just like with any medical condition, different patients experience things differently.  It is unbelievable how people can criticize someone with medical problems, problems that they do not understand.  If you don’t understand, just shut up with it, because God may punish you for this and give you the same pain.  Trust me, pain from spinal problems is something you don’t want.  As a Chinese saying goes, “You understand a needle is painful, but you don’t really understand until the needle penetrates your own skin and bone.”

The criticisms and negative comments toward Steve Nash is literally “adding insult to injury” and it’s appalling.  You are doing the same if you ever criticize someone in their pain or medical problem that you don’t understand (even if you think you do).  Don’t do that.

If You Have Back Problems
Also, if you have back problems, generally you should continue to engage in any physical activity that does not aggravate the problem or does not exacerbate the pain.  Physical activity that does not aggravate the problem actually helps you heal.  Inactivity actually will make your back problems worse.  This is backed up by medical literature.  Any good orthopedic doctor or doctor of physical therapy can confirm this.  For Steve Nash, if swinging a golf club and hiking does not give him much pain, then engaging in such physical activities actual helps the condition.  If chasing opponents like Steph Curry up and down the basketball court in NBA games aggravates his spine, then he needs to take a break to recover (especially when he’s 40 or above) before attempting to play at that level again.  From someone who knows spinal problems firsthand (and knows some of the medical literature on this), it seems like Steve Nash is doing exactly the right thing

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