Thursday, February 17, 2011

SpirFit Program Day 2: Incorporating the Daniel Plan

You’ve probably noticed that this is a 40-day program and I encourage you to aim to stay on it consecutively. However, I emphasize the word “aim”. What I mean is simply that you could go at your own pace. Most of you will need to do it in more than 40 days. I understand that, in reality, things come up and you may need to put a pause on this program for a day. Just make sure you don’t think that it’s all-or-none. Just keep the intention to continue with the program. If you honestly keep the intention, you should be able to continue with the program after a day or two(at most).

However, you shouldn’t be pausing the program for more than two days. Also, you should not pause the program too frequently. You do not want to lose the momentum. It’s like riding a bike. The longer you stop pedaling, the harder it is for you to pick up speed again when you start pedaling again. This is because you’ve lost momentum.

The Daniel Plan
At the beginning of this SpirFit program, I’ve mentioned that I will be incorporating material from Dr. Daniel Amen and Pastor Rick Warren. They’ve put together a health program called the Daniel Plan at the Saddleback Church.

I am incorporating material from the Daniel Plan because it is consistent with what I teach and is science-based. Also, it takes some burden off me since they’ve done the work of putting together the information and I will point you to the information in a simple and coherent order. However, I will also fill in the gaps that are in the Daniel Plan in addition to simplifying areas where they may be overwhelming you.

The action you need today is simply to watch the video at
You don’t have to take notes, as I will in the future be addressing the important and relevant points in the video. However, feel free to view the video again and feel free to review or reread anything in the past blogs here on

Feel free to explore other areas of my blog and website, and feel free to explore other areas of the Daniel Plan. All these places have a lot of information that may overwhelm. This is why I am putting together this 40-Day SpirFit program to present the information in a simple, systematic, and timely manner as well as providing you with the necessary guidance and support.

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