Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 3: How Not to Skip Breakfast

From the video yesterday (Day 2), I want to emphasize one important point that Dr. Daniel Amen mentioned which I completely agree with. “People who lose weight have breakfast,” said Dr. Amen. “One of the ways to keep your cravings under control is to have breakfast.”

Generally, I want to add, overweight people habitually skip breakfast. Here’s another way to look at it. The body has the ability to adapt to circumstances (as physiologists will tell you). If you have a habit of going without food for hours in the morning, the body will adapt by developing the tendency to save fuel, or store calories. This is the slowing of your metabolism. To avoid this, have breakfast daily!

On the mornings when you are in a rush, at least have a glass of milk. However, it is best to have nutritious solid food for breakfast. Therefore, one thing you can do is wake up 30 minutes or so earlier each morning to have breakfast. I do this almost every morning, having breakfast while reading the scriptures or something inspirational, listening to a bible lesson, or viewing a spiritual video (such as a Joyce Meyer talk).

On days when I don't get up early enough, I grab a prepacked cereal mix in a Ziploc bag and have the cereal during my commute. Instead of milk, I grab my silver mug fill with tea or coffee.

Today’s action item is to begin the habit of having breakfast. However, we need some practical creativity in coming up with ideas of how to make sure you have breakfast every morning. Here are some suggestions:
● Purchase one or more extra stainless steel water bottle and keep them filled with milk in your refrigerator. You could easily grab them and go in the morning (on the mornings when you can’t wake up earlier to have a good solid food breakfast).
● Pre-pack several bags of Ziploc bags with cereal mix. I pack a mix of Cheerios, FiberOne, dried cranberries, and raisins. (Beware that some dried fruits have added sugar. Pick ones that do not or do not put too much dried fruits in your mix.)
● Purchase some canned meal replacement shakes. (This is my least favorite option, but it is still better than skipping breakfast.)
Once you have at least two of the above prepared, it will be easy grab-and-go in the morning. It’s just setting up a simple system.

To clarify, today’s action item is to prepare at least two of the above. You should have the system in place within two days. Once you have the system in place, it's easy to have a simple breakfast everyday, even on the mornings when you are on the run.

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