Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Get Ready for Simple 40 Day Plan toward Your Fitness Goals

Do you know of doctors who tell their patients to stop smoking, but they smoke a pack per day themselves?

In the past, I have worked for professors of nutrition science and exercise science who were not in shape themselves. Some of them even seemed overweight. However, they were renowned science researchers and professors in nutrition and exercise science.

“How can that be?” I used to think to myself. “These are the experts of experts in nutrition and exercise science!”

I’ve come to realize the answer to my question over the years, as a research associate turned trainer and teacher of fitness and health. Generally, many who are unable to reach their fitness goals (including my previous employers or professors) lack the spiritual, emotional, and/or mental state necessary to reach their desired fitness level.

Nutrition and exercise science professors and doctors have the knowledge of how they should eat and how they need to exercise, but some of them don’t do what they know. In order for them to do what they know, it is necessary to improve their spiritual-mental and emotional state.

On the other hand, there are people who do reach their desired fitness level although they are not nutrition science or exercise science experts. It is mostly because they have enough mental, spiritual, and emotional balance in their lives to reach their fitness goals (although it is also partly because they have some correct knowledge of nutrition and fitness.)

Let me first be clear that I am not saying that science-based knowledge in nutrition and exercise science is not important. That’s not what I am saying (especially with my background in science). What I am saying is that an adequate level of mental, spiritual, and emotional state is just as important as (if not more important than) having a high level of nutrition and exercise science knowledge.

This is why I teach people to become SpirFit. SpirFit practices include mental, emotional, and spiritual strategies as well as science-based knowledge in nutrition and exercise science.

In the upcoming blogs, I will be providing a free 40 day program which combines SpirFit strategies with the expertise of Dr. Daniel Amen (brain expert), Dr. Rick Warren (spiritual expert), and other experts.

For Day 1 of SpirFit Program, click below:

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Shu Chan 陳樹中 UC Davis University of California


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