Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 7: Your Stomach Senses While Eating

Today you are to implement another simple strategy to contribute to the increasing of your metabolism. First, let’s review something from Day 3.

By now, you should have the habit of having breakfast every day. Since I have provided a simple system (in a previous blog on Day 3), you have no excuse not to be eating breakfast. It is very important that you have that habit already because skipping breakfast will continually cause your metabolism to slow down (especially as you get older).

Today, you are to implement another simple strategy that would contribute to speeding up your metabolism, or your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate). The simple strategy is simply to stop eating before you stretch out your stomach. Stop eating as soon as you reach that balanced satiation point (not being too full). This requires you to be more conscious of your stomach’s senses during every meal.

Most of you in this culture of “supersized meals” have trained your stomach to habitually stretch more than it should. As a result, your meal intervals are all wrong. If you are honest with yourself, most of you should feel a balanced satiation after eating 50% to 70% of what you normally eat at a meal. For meals you eat out of a Tupperware box, that should be easy enough to determine.

I've always known about portion control (or decreasing each meal size while increasing the frequency of meals.) However, I didn't really implement this knowledge until I came across teachings of Dr. Deepak Chopra (who is a medical doctor as well as an expert in Indian alternative medicine, or Ayurvedia.) From him, it came to my attention that I simply need to be conscious of my senses of the stomach during meals and stop eating at a reasonable satiation point.

It’s really that simple, but people don’t do it because our culture of excess and bad habits condones stuffing ourselves. Instead of seeing that as a bad tragic habit (eventually leading to chronic diseases), most people see it as funny and okay.

We must change the way we see this bad habit of overstuffing ourselves. We must see it as tragic and as an unacceptable lack of SIMPLE self-control.

Briefly, let me sum up this new habit you need to start implementing:
- Have 4-6 meals/snacks each day
- Do not overstuff yourself at each meal. For most of you, you will need to eat 50% to 70% of your usual amount. Be conscious of your stomach’s senses and stop eating before you start stretching out your stomach. Have the habit to save the rest for the next meal.
- Pack snacks such as nuts and fruits. (Personally, I pack in a Ziploc bag Cheerios and Fiber-One Cereal. Sometimes, I add a bit of dried cranberries,and a bit of raisins.)

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