Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Diabetes Awareness

Today is Diabetes Awareness Day. Generally, the practices necessary to control or prevent diabetes overlap with practices for getting fit and healthy. For example, keeping meal portions small but eating more times daily (to prevent sudden spikes in blood sugar level) also helps in weight control. Exercising regularly helps improve your body’s blood glucose regulation system as well as improve your overall fitness and health. Choosing from good quality carbs (such as most fruits and vegetables) is consistent with keeping your blood sugar in control and keeping healthy and fit in general.

For more in-depth information, below is a list of reliable sources of information about diabetes (including prevention and management.) A general Google search may not produce a listing of reliable websites. (Google searches produce listings of most popular sites, not necessarily providing reliable information.) If you’ve found this web site from meeting me in person at an event, there are additional sources of information here:

From Reliable Institutes


From Leading Universities


Also, I want to thank Boar's Head for sponsoring the event to promote diabetes awareness.

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