Thursday, September 24, 2009

Healing With Your Mind

Generally, when you have a disease, your doctor provides a treatment. Then, it’s wait-and-see. For example, if you have breast cancer, the doctor treats you with chemotherapy, radiation, and mastectomy. However, it is out of the doctor’s control in how your body will respond to the treatment. It’s wait-and-see. After the treatment, will the cancer come back? The doctor can only wait and see.

When there was a lump growing in my eye (among other complications potentially causing blindness), the doctors treat it by surgically removing the lump, in addition to other surgeries.

“Will the lump grow back?” I asked

“We don’t know,” answered my doctors. "It's 50:50."

It’s wait and see. Generally, in cases of serious health conditions, the doctor can treat you but the healing is not up to them. Whether your body responds to the treatment is not up to the doctor. It is up to your body.

Here’s the good news. We can use our minds and spirits to influence how the body responds in the “wait and see” period. It has been done. I did it when I had eye complications. Some cancer survivors have done it.

In demonstrating the amazing power of the mind in altering the body, one speaker coached his audience in altering their body’s response. He instructed them to close their eyes and guided them to vividly taste an imaginary lemon. In a minute, his audience’s saliva secretion increased as if they were really biting into a lemon.

Your mind can alter your body’s reaction to something (or to nothing.)
If you are currently dealing with a serious disease, it is crucial that you:

(1) Understand the amazing power of your mind and spirit,
(2) Learn how to harness that power of your mind and spirit to influence your body

To further understand the magnificent power of your mind and spirit, read about how Tibetan monks can alter their bodies with their minds at:

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