Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lobsters and Crabs Can Feel Pain - How To Cook Humanely

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We have to reconsider the way we cook lobsters and crabs. The assumption that the nervous systems of lobsters and crabs are too simple have been proven to be false by some studies. (See references below. Feel free to email me at for actual copies of the studies or if you want additional studies. I would be happy to serve you with the research I've already done.) They do feel pain when boiled alive or de-clawed.

Humane methods of cooking these arthropods include:

1. Place in freezer for 5 to 10 minutes to numb the creature before boiling.
Place in already boiling water.

2. Quick kill with knife as shown at
This method if not executed correctly may cause injury. Please consult a professional.

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Patterson, L., Dick, J., and Elwood,R. 2007. Physiological stress responses in the edible crab, Cancer pagurus, to the fishery practice of de-clawing. Marine Biology, 152:2, 265-272.

Disclaimer: Please consult a professional before using any methods described in this blog. The author is not liable for any damages or injuries.

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