Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Magic" Practice, Weight Loss, Cancer, and Diverticulosis

There are no magic pills, but there are “magic” practices. These are practices some people do not want to apply, but these practices actually have a wide range of benefits. One magic practice is increasing your consumption of good fiber sources such as fruits and vegetables.  The closer you get to the USDA recommended intake of 9 servings per day, the less likely you will develop a whole range of health problems.  Such a practice may contribute to good weight loss, preventing cancer, preventing diabetes, and preventing a number of other conditions including the less known condition of diverticulosis.

Some people have the hereditary disadvantage of being predisposed to one or more of these conditions. However as Professor Clifford (a mentor of mine in the 1990's) said, “Heredity and genes load the gun, but your habits pull the trigger.”  Furthermore, scientists (professors) specializing in epigenetics now know that not only can habits pull the trigger, but they can change your bad genes to good genes (and vice versa).

So, let’s take one small step at a time. Whatever amount of fruits and vegetables you currently consume per day, add one or two more servings per day.  (The ideal again is 9 servings per day, but if you cannot reach that, just get a little bit closer to it, such as adding just one or two more servings per day to your current amount.)  To simply estimate serving size, the size of your fist would be a serving. One medium-size apple is a serving. A medium-size orange is a serving.

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