Friday, November 19, 2010

Turkey Frying Is Dangerous Fire Hazard

Thanksgiving is coming. Did you know that frying a turkey is a fire hazard (even with the handy turkey fryers in the market)? The huge amount of oil needed may quickly cause a fire. This is why UL does not certify any turkey fryers in the market.

“We’re worried by the increasing reports of fires related to turkey fryer use,” said John Drengenberg, UL consumer affairs manager. “Based on our test findings, the fryers used to produce those great-tasting birds are not worth the risks.”

If you do unwisely decide to fry your turkey anyway, be sure to do it outside and have a fire extinguisher handy. Be also prepared to react quickly because people have suffered severe burns to face and other body parts from frying their turkey. For more Thanksgiving safety tips, go to:

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Stephanie Faris said...

It amazes me, as much as this is in the news, that there are still people who fry their turkeys on wooden decks.

Amadeo said...

Maybe some people subconsciously have a death wish.

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